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Journey Across The Sea

Magia II is a yacht made from Indonesian craftsmanship and materials, ready to take you to experience spectacular Komodo boat trip and beyond. As a tradition that passes from father to son, unique to that region of the world, the teak and wood are crafted to provide comfort and authenticity to the boat.

As a work of love, every fabric, materials, and designs have been thoughtfully chosen around the world: from English family silverware to French wallpapers and Italian lamps, every curated detail will make the guests feel at home. Every island has its culture, traditions and patterns. In our eyes, Indonesia is probably one of the richest nations in the world and hopping on a Komodo boat tour is one of the best ways to experience its abundance of wonders. You will be lucky enough to sail among these outstanding islands.


Beyond Komodo island liveaboard the world’s largest archipelago that boasts over 17,000 islands has much to recommend. Cruising around these untouched Islands, you get to see Indonesia’s rich craft heritage and culture first-hand, or experience one of the planet’s most bio-diverse diving. Aside from Komodo liveaboard we serve Raja Ampat and Spice Islands. Dedicated itineraries can be designed if requested. Experience the most memorable Komodo island liveaboard, Banda sea, Raja Ampat, and beyond – sail with the best of the best.